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A Delicious Day at the Chuckwagon Cook-off Competition

By: MediaConnect / 27 Feb 2017
A Delicious Day at the Chuckwagon Cook-off Competition

Even though it's still a week away, you might want to start making room in your tummy today for the Pigeon Forge Chuckwagon Cookoff Competition! This brand new weekend-long event in Pigeon Forge promises to be a delicious one. Featuring local cooks squaring off to see who makes the best barbecue on wheels and with limited ingredients. There will be prizes for the winners, but the real winners are the attendees who get to eat and judge all this yummy food!

Long before the rise of the very popular modern-day food truck, there was the chuckwagon. An essential part to the American prairie and frontier, chuckwagons fed hungry cowboys while on the job and away from home for months at a time. Working with limited ingredients, these cooks mastered the art of simplicity. Even though the time of the frontier is gone, we are thankful that the tradition of the chuckwagon has been passed down. The competition stays true to its simplistic roots and bars its contestants from using too many ingredients or modern amenities.


This is sure to be both a fun and educational day of delightful cuisine for the whole family. There will also be children's activities throughout the day, including the Western Buckaroo Roundup and cowboy lookalikes. Western poetry and music will enhance the embrace of cowboy culture. Tickets are only $12.50 and can be purchased at You won't want to miss this. Bring some tasty leftovers back for us!

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