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Explore Rich Biodiversity in the ‘Salamander Capital of the World'

By: Ramada Pigeon Forge / 02 Sep 2021
Explore Rich Biodiversity in the ‘Salamander Capital of the World'

With the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in your backyard, nature is just around the corner. Experience the wilderness and great outdoor adventures this summer. The summer warmth brings out the wildlife in our natural paradise. It's a great time to explore the biodiversity in ‘The Salamander Capital of the World.'

The damp climate and the geological factors have helped in the development of 30 species across five families of salamanders. Explore the beauty of the unbound wilderness in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park sanctuary, near our beautiful hotel in mountainside Tennessee.


Top Places to Explore the Stunning Wilderness of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Walking around Pigeon Forge's natural landscape will bring you close to a wide range of fauna and flora. A summer-end staycation in Ramada Pigeon Forge includes blissful moments and incredible adventures at animal sanctuaries and farms nearby.

Parrot Mountain and Gardens: Thousands of amazing birds with enormous trees and flowers nestled on four acres of the panoramic landscape. Explore the exotic parrot cottages, the beautiful tropical birds, baby birds nursery with your loved ones. There are approximately 70 birds of different species in the garden. Enjoy the baby birds nursery with your little ones. Feed and pet them, but with proper supervision from staff.

Smoky Mountain Deer Farm and Exotic Petting Zoo: Situated on 143 acres in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, the farm has a variety of animals for tourist attraction. Enjoy entering into the deer and goat pens. Young ones love playing and feeding friendly animals. The exotic animal farm has incredible animals, including deer, Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, emus, zonkies, and more. Enjoy horseback riding and interacting with animals like zebra or Watusi. The zoo manages budget-friendly admission tickets for its visitors.

Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies: Enjoy summers with a splash alongside your favorite marine creatures. The amazing underwater world with thousands of incredible sea animals and stunning fishes captivates the minds of little ones and adults alike. Enjoy the sight of barracudas, eels, sharks, and octopi. If you are an adventure enthusiast, then a nighttime encounter with sharks or a live view of penguins is a welcome addition to your itinerary.

Wildlife Encounter at Ober Gatlinburg: This Smoky Mountain park is the home to black bears, the most notable species in Pigeon Forge. Find yourself delighted by the beauty of natural predators, including bobcats, foxes, etc. View your share of rodents like skunks, flying squirrels, and raccoons at the Nocturnal House. The park is open between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day.

Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo: See the territory of 600 inhabitants from rainforests around the world. Experience close encounters with fantastic beasts in a natural rainforest setting. The zoo contains a wide variety of reptiles, from turtles, lizards to snakes and crocodiles.


Family-friendly Wilderness Hikes in Pigeon Forge

Take long walks on stroller-friendly trails in the Smoky Mountains. The leveled and paved pathways make it easy for toddlers and infants to accompany the family.

The Little River Trail: Located in the Elkmont area of the Great Smoky Mountains, the trail contains a picturesque view of the riverside. Discover extraordinary flora by the banks of Little River. Watch the dazzling exhibit of fireflies as they merge with the star-studded nightscape.

Sugarlands Valley Natural Trails: You will find accessibility all around this trail. Find a breath of fresh air near Pigeon Forge and a mountain river running alongside. Enjoy hiking with elderlies and kids.

Middle Prong Trail: The stunning hiking trail brings you to a landscape rich with wildflowers and waterfalls. Hike on the path built on an old railroad that was once famous for carrying local timber.


Tips to Responsible Tourism in Mountain Terrains

Visit the world's oldest mountain, incredible wildlife, nature trails, and scenes, but do it responsibly. Maintain cleanliness during hikes and uphold Tennessee's long-standing reputation as an eco-friendly state.

Some tips for enjoying your mountainside vacay without disturbing the wildlife you've come to see.

Vehicle Restrictions: Don't honk! Large vehicles like trailers, buses are prohibited in a few places, especially near the forestside. While visiting the national park, check the park website for information regarding parking and entry restrictions.

Advantages of Pullouts: If you are driving slow to enjoy the scenes, don't obstruct traffic. Use pullouts to make way for other vehicles. Pullouts are easy to find as they are located every mile of the park.

Packing Lists: Keep yourself up to date about the weather, which helps decide the right clothes for your trip: pack shades, sunscreen, toiletries, camera. Carry your own garbage bags during hiking in the deep pockets of the park.


End your exhausting day of hiking and exploring mountains. A dip in the pool refreshes your mind and body. Extend your vacation in Ramada, and save more during your summer staycation in Pigeon Forge.

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