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The Pigeon Forge Fall Rod Run

By: MediaConnect / 12 Sep 2016
The Pigeon Forge Fall Rod Run

Whether you're a certified car and gear enthusiast, or are just looking for a quintessential Pigeon Forge experience, the signature Fall Rod Run is not something to be missed if you're going to be in town this weekend! From Friday through Sunday, hundreds of hot rods and other classic cars flock to Pigeon Forge for one of the biggest Swap Meets around!


There are tons of things to catch all weekend long. Owners compete for cash prizes in contests, celebrity guests will be in attendance, and of course, there are tons of classic cars to ogle at!


Parking is free for spectators, but be sure to plan your trip accordingly! The parkway can turn into more of a parking lot this weekend. If you're coming the day of, try and arrive earlier in the morning before the rest of the circus shows up! Of course, if you can't avoid it, it's not the worst thing to get stuck in traffic with a bunch of beautiful old cars! You're sure to meet plenty of nice folks too – Pigeon Forge's people are well known for their friendly demeanor, so don't be shy!


This is a great community event that's about more than just cars. It's a wonderful way to get to know the strong fiber of our community here in Pigeon Forge. You won't want to miss this! After a long day of loud rumbling from the hot rods though, we're sure that your comfy room will be a welcome site back here at the Ramada!


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